Case Studies

SurfaceCo: Re-Branding an agricultural company that became a fitness company.

Challenge - Rebrand a recognizable name in agricultural to better represent the growing focus on fitness and other commercial flooring markets.

Solution - Created the SurfaceCo name, logos, web, social media presence and overall branding.

Role - Creative Service Manager: Worked on all concepting, design and implementation of rebrand.

Humane Manufacturing was founded in 1907. After several product changes over the decades they settled on the production of recycled rubber stall mats for the Equine and Bovine agricultural markets in the1990s. By 2008, they discovered the majority of the mats they produced were being used in home gyms and commercial fitness facilities. The focus of their business moved to fitness flooring as large corporate agricultural operations transitioned to non-rubber alternatives.

With fitness being the primary marketplace for Humane products, it was decided in 2020 that a company rebrand was needed to better represent the products and services provided. The flooring industry was beginning to refer to itself as a “Surfaces” industry as different materials and applications continued to emerge into the marketplace. I worked with the CEO of Humane to rebrand the company to SurfaceCo - The Surface Company. We wanted a completely fresh look with no connection to Humane. Humane was moved to a sub-brand under SurfaceCo and is now their primary agricultural brand. An additional brand named American Stall Mats was created as an Equine specific brand of products beneath Humane. 

The SurfaceCo logo was designed to have a recognizable “S” mark for social media, garments and various trade show materials. The mark could be used independently or in concert with the standard SurfaceCo logo. The two color pallet of blue and grey has a simple corporate feel. The arc that is present in both the mark and logo represents the global reach of SurfaceCo as a leader in the Surfaces industry.